Sunday, July 19, 2009

Where are The Consumer Product ads? Why don't these advertisers ; Coke, Pepsi, Bud, Hershey, etc. show up in local search? They don't have a store as defined maybe in the local area, but they have one heck of a brand. The pay for each click model doesn't work for their advertising programs.

Roadjunctions is the gateway to thousands of locations nationwide. Each location is a specific off ramp to an individual merchant community. These merchants sell consumer products, some products well known and others still building their brand awareness.

Exiting , and observing inside and outside the various stores are hundreds of "brands" visible on point of purchase ads and store fronts.

Road junctions can extend these brand awareness ads, "Buy Coke", or "Drink Pepsi", to the web in a new advertising venue. The site search for one of the merchant communities returns the local page with its complement of merchants, the opportunity for consumer logos to be viewed with the merchants is a great low cost way to maintain brand awareness in the local search market.

Their sign is stationed on the off ramp on the web for thousands of locations. Just maybe these large advertisers would sponsor some of the merchants on this site?

Always thinking. Burton