Sunday, February 26, 2006


We built a code for the web that works the way we drive.

We follow road signs and maps to drive to local merchants for goods and services.

Why not find these local merchants on the WEB the way we drive, by using the same road signs and maps?

The RoadjunctionsUS "New Address" created especially for small business establishments uses the "Same Address" for both locations- for a merchant's store on the ground and their location on the Web.

Does zip code 40456 mean anything to you? Me either, but 75ky59 in our proprietary road codes will. You see, each Interstate exit in our
Directory has been given a unique formatting for a specific location. The code “75ky59” is immediately recognized as Interstate 75, Exit 59, in Kentucky. Likewise the code “64ky53b” is readily recognizable as I-64, Exit 53b, in KY.

Each of the exits in the United States is so formatted, so wherever you go, you will be able to use the "new address road codes".

Now when you find a merchant near exit 59 locally, you immediately know that you can find his website at the same location on the RoadJunctionsUS website, by entering the simple search code "75ky59". This allows communication with the merchant and e-shopping if his website permits.

What does this mean for the merchants? Their business is viewed on the web on the FRONT PAGE, just ONE CLICK away from their website.They have great local exposure without worrying about pay for click ads, search engine position, ad words, meta tags, and all the web jargon that is Greek to them.

Merchants are listed, first come first served, in either of two advertising tiers. All appear on the front page. The single scrolling page allows the viewer to see all the merchants, increasing their exposure over being buried in a directory category. Like a newspaper, space is limited at each location and not every merchant will choose to be listed. Web advertising is expected to grow by 10 times over the next ten years to $150 billion. It is important to claim your ad spots now.

Finally our left column, locates the business in a quadrant around the exit. NW is northwest of the exit, the number giving the approximate distance.A key word identifying the type service ( food, lodging, etc.) provide a quick scan by the visitor. We can move a bed and breakfast 25 miles away to the “Interstate Exit” where they can be seen, and we can put a motel that is buried in the chain's site on the front page for their location making them much easier to find.

We do all of these web tricks without you once entering a zip code, typing a city or product name, clicking on a map, menu, or directory, or using GPS. You simply enter where you are or where you are going. Most Important, YOU Enter What You Already Know! A simple entry on pc or cell.

P.S. in keeping things short, we save a key stroke by being located as .us instead of .com and our short - " to local information” website url will get you there to start.

Site Licensing available.

Copyright 2005 RoadJunctionsUS All Rights Reserved

Saturday, February 04, 2006

CLASSIFIED ADS: The Next BIG (as in Billions) WEB Market:

The trick is to match the local classified ad with the local search apparatus. A big market is used autos, boats, trucks, etc. that are listed in area publications. Pay for ad when sold or before. How much? Property listings by owner (or realtor).

Locating what's for sale and where? More fun is taking the yard sale mentality and browse to see what is for sale around where you are at the time. "Where are you?" " I am at exit 35 on Interstate 40 in Tennessee." "I am in the country at the crossroad 27 and 96 somewhere in Kansas. " "What is the zipcode?" "How should I know?" "What Town?" "Not one!"

Search local on Google or Yahoo? Ask Jeeves? Can they really help? You may not have enough info on your end to key in. How are you going to find out that Billy Bob is selling his 1942 model truck? How are you going to locate the farm that has cattle for sale? Or the local contractor that will bush hog your newly acquired farm? Antique dishes, drill press, beagle pup, steamed crab.You can find them all at the universal gateway that makes local really local and uncomplicates the web a bit.

All of the "little guys" are interested in their ad working local. They have to be tuned in to a system that allows one to find them quickly in their local area. Like looking in the local paper. Only that the buyers are not aware of the local newspaper or the local internet sites. Find a local motel, the gnome might be busy. Why go thru L.A. to find out that there is not a BigInn at your destination or current location on the East coast?

RoadJunctions.US is the site that does just that. You can't get any more local than the nearest road junction and you can't find the road junction any easier than at
Think about it for a split second. You have at your disposal a unique and time saving search method that you can use anywhere for a pinpoint location. The address on the ground- near Exit 35 on Interstate 40 in Tennessee is the same address you search for on the web on the roadjunctions site " 40tn35 ". Very simple and very effective. All the merchants and all the one time sellers are found in the same area and at the same local area on the web. Thanks for checking us out. We will be growing soon with our unique proprietary "new road codes." Look for our merchants-They are all on the front page.