Sunday, August 14, 2005

Welcome to The New Address via
This blog is a beginning to acquaint you the traveler and you the store ( brick and mortar) owner with a new web service I like to call "the new address".

Why a New address? I am happy with my stores location and I am happy with my website's hosting location. I don't need either kind of "New Address". I am a traveler so what does this do for me?

It makes life simpler for all of you. Small business -it gives you a web presence locally, where it does the most good (even if you don't have a website). You are on the FRONT PAGE services, address, phone, a first come first served directory listing.

Small business with a web site- From Front Page - JUST ONE CLICK to your web site.
Now we haven't asked you to move your store across town or move your website hosting to us.

The above is simply accomplishedwith a local-extremely -local search on www.RoadJunctions.US , the new address search engine that is going to change the way people think about local search for goods and services, by NOT CHANGING THE WAY PEOPLE THINK!

Current search for local goods and services is about all the same. Enter city and state, or Zip Code, or click on a menu , or click on a map. High tech use your GPS. Enter along with one of the above - what you are looking for - motel, gas, food, etc. ( it looks like finding gas is going to be the most important item in the future) Maybe a station that will fill your tank for under a hundred including a swap with one of your kids.

Lets take them one by one:

Zipcode: the archaic numbering system by the Post Office enabling them to sort and route mail because the public could write more legible numbers than letters. If you the traveler are in C. TN for the first time, try entering Chattanooga Tennessee in your Nokia-At 65 miles an hour!
Most of you would never try it-but one or two might- making it extremely interesting for the rest of us in the area.
Lets do the number thing on the phone instead- Zip code- now how can you find the zipcode around here? Simple, it is engraved deeply in the stone facade on the US post office. Further complicating the dilemma is Cities have multiple zip codes ( 100 or more). See where this is headed? OK you high tech -tune in GPS- You are already in the parking lot and it tells you you are in the parking lot for Skuzy Motel. Great ! You see the 30' sign. HOWEVER - GPS couldn't tell you that five weeks ago when you were planning your trip. Navigate your way and click on a map. Find a site that lets you click, click, click, thru a menu (after entering the zipcode).
I'm getting tired.

Traveler this is your question? What are you used to in driving across the country? ROAD MAPS AND ROAD SIGNS, Highway and exit numbers. Well marked on the roads you travel. Well marked on the map in your auto. This is the way you think, this is the way you drive. You will never see a road sign telling you this is 40769. And you will encounter many locations not identified with a city.

Now we are at the end: Roadjunctions.US uses a copyrighted Directory of Unique Geographical Location Search Terms, each term identifying a particular location (road junction). The unique 4 to 9 character term is easily recalled and used to find local information. I will show you one code, and in 30 seconds you will know 50,000. Try that with a zip. You can call 511 for local info on the phone in some areas. Like all Govt. programs, it has serious drawbacks.

My address is simply 75ky15 Have a look for yourself. By the way, in keeping things short and sweet - ( to local information) will get you there.

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